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      The Stories Behind The Sales…

      We take such pride in our jobs as home sellers and home match-makers, and we love the stories and memories behind each home. Here are a few heartwarming tales of our recent sales.


      115 Greenwood Lane | Monroe
      Sold for $550,000
      Sold by Sarah Pritchard

      This was a wild ride for my clients! They had been looking for about a year and a half with another agent and hadn’t found the right home when I was referred to them by my amazing past clients after they had read through hundreds of recommendations on a Facebook post. We looked at numerous homes and I even found one-off market that we had gotten and had an accepted offer on, but something wasn’t quite right. I want my clients to be thrilled, excited and jumping up for joy when they find the right home, especially in this market. I kept saying, “are you sure, you should be happier, you got a house!” But my gut told me it wasn’t the one for them in the end.

      Sure enough, the home they were under contract on had too many inspection concerns and we ended up backing out at the same time another home hit the market in the next town over. My client literally burst into tears while we stood in the kitchen during our tour, saying this was the home for her. It brought me to tears – we had to make this happen. We made a very aggressive offer and won the bid up against 11 other offers. I was away on vacation when I got the call that they had chosen our offer and my client literally screamed. I could hear her jumping up and down through the phone. That was the excitement I wanted to hear! I am so excited for my clients, that I can now call friends, and I can’t wait to see them around town!

      20 Edinburg Lane | Trumbull
      Sold off-market for $650,000
      Sold by Sarah Pritchard

      Our closing at 20 Edinburg Lane was the perfect example of off market prospecting and agent relationships at its best. I was referred to my clients a few years ago when they had a very specific need for a ranch home in Trumbull. They owned a home and then Covid hit, so they stopped their search for a few years. Fast forward to the end of 2022/beginning of 2023, and our search was at full speed.

      After seeing every ranch style home in Trumbull immediately and getting into multiple bidding wars or the homes we saw weren’t quite working, we started an aggressive direct to homeowner, off-market prospecting. A number of homeowners respond but my previews warranted reasons that the house wouldn’t work (unrealistic seller pricing, owners not quite ready to move, etc), that was until I received a call from a fellow William Raveis agent who I know well. Her clients received my letter and were thinking of putting their home on the market. The sellers allowed a pre-market showing as they were preparing the home to list the following month. Within moments of being in the house, we knew this was “the one.” It was on a quiet street with million dollar homes, a gorgeous level yard, 2,000+ sq ft with an additional 500 sq ft in the finished lower level and more! Move-in ready with expansion possibilities and more!

      So grateful to the listing agent and her clients for reaching out to after receiving our prospecting letter and allowing my clients to purchase the house before anyone else saw it with an extended closing so we were able to sell their home first too! Happy to say that based on recent sales, we have some instant equity in this Trumbull home, too!

      15 Jesse Lee Drive | Easton
      Sold for $860,000
      Sold by Sarah Pritchard

      Sometimes, the grass IS greener on the other side…literally! When I first sat down with my clients and they were telling me about their current home, they told me they were supposed to buy their neighbors’ house but changed their mind post-inspection and bought across the street. You would think that would only happen once! Fast forward a few years and they started a new home search. Their offer got accepted by a lovely home in Easton, in a multiple bidding situation too! It was a perfectly charming antique with a beautiful yard, surrounded by well-kept homes, a stunning front porch… but quite a few unexpected items that came up during the inspection. Sound familiar?

      While we negotiated with the dismissive sellers and had a sinking feeling that this might not be the right home, the neighbor’s home (that my clients admired from the other side of the stone wall!) came on the market as “coming soon.” I made a quick phone call to the listing agent who ensured us “first access” the day showings start. As we toured through, the boxes are being checked off… ✔️ amazing yard, ✔️ 4 bedrooms, ✔️ new septic, ✔️ updated kitchen and bathrooms, and the list goes on. We made an aggressive offer with fabulous price and rent back terms which sealed the deal in a matter of hours before anyone else could submit an offer! It was almost too good to be true.

      The house is on natural gas (✔️another win!), but our home inspection showed oil lines going to a tank outside… there were no records at town hall, the owners say no tank, and the previous owner from 30 years prior say no underground oil tank…. we should take their word for it, right? Nope, never! We’re ready to test the soil (post scan the owner agreed to do), when we received a call that the metal scan shows an abandoned tank. The sellers agree to remove the tank and test the soil as we waited patiently, fingers crossed that the soil is clean and… voila! Clean soil just in time to close! I am so happy for my clients to move into their new home in September. It’s been amazing reconnecting with former classmates that I’ve known since kindergarten and middle school and an honor to have been chosen to help them with their home search (and sale!) when they know quite a few Realtors! Welcome to Easton!

      3 Tuckahoe Road | Trumbull
      Sold for $915,000
      Sold by Sarah Pritchard

      The power of prospecting! I was introduced to Jordan and Alex by a good friend and client, Brian. Jordan and Alex were looking for their first home and potentially “forever home” if we could find something that had that longevity. We saw quite a few homes publicly listed for sale, all while prepping 200+ direct-to-homeowner prospecting letters on their behalf. The return rate was about 2%, with homeowners calling, saying they would consider selling. I previewed those homes, provided the owners with market analysis, and looked at it if they would be a good fit for my clients.

      About 2 months in, an agent I know well called me as her client received one of the letters and she informed me the house would be coming on the market in March. I continued to check in, and she kept her promise that we would be able to see the home “first.” The day before it was going on the market, my clients fell in love, and we submitted an offer that night, immediately working out the details and making a strong offer to secure the home. Fast forward 2 months, and they officially closed on their first and potentially forever home! Couldn’t be happier for them! Oh, and did I mention the owners were redoing all the floors so they got to pick the color? Congratulations, Jordan and Alex, welcome to Trumbull!

      174 Bob Hill Road | Ridgefield
      Sold for $695,000
      Sold by Sarah Pritchard and Clare Conant

      I am so excited about this closing for a variety of reasons. The most important one being it clearly demonstrated the power of not just being on a team, but being a part of THIS team!

      Our sellers found us through some of our innovative marketing! A simple sold note from our team’s previous Ridgefield sale had caught the attention of the home sellers. Clare was all set and ready to go to the marketing presentation when her newborn girl got sick. I was able to rearrange my schedule and stepped in to meet with the sellers and secure the listing. Clare was able to meet the sellers a few days later, win the sellers over even more, and finalize paperwork. Fast forward a few days and we scheduled staging, professional photos, marketing galore, and this charmer was listed!

      Knowing the market was hot and the open house would be a constant flow, Clare and I held the open house together. The buyer of this beauty had a video tour from their sister in law, while they were overseas.

      Fast forward to multiple bids and a buyer who came directly to Clare. She was aware of offers coming in and handed this buyer off to me, so all parties were represented in a fair, honest, and ethical way. Time differences, limited access to the internet for the buyers, a well-informed agent, strategic offer, and a very aggressive buyer desire secured this home, and it appraised out! There were a few ups and downs (oh, like the buyer switching jobs), but we kept things moving forward. Congratulations to Clare on another successful closing, I loved working with you and to one of Ridgefield’s newest families, welcome home!

      105 Cedar Woods Lane | Fairfield
      Sold for $760,000
      Sold by Sarah Pritchard

      Print marketing, primped to sell and a fantastic pricing strategy is what sold this listing. I was thrilled to sit down with the amazing owner of 105 Cedar Woods Lane last year as she had been receiving my neighborhood market update newsletter for about a year. We discussed pricing, had options for the future, and a fluid timeline. In the Fall of 2022, the market slowed a bit, values dipped (can you believe that?), and they weren’t quite ready. Fast forward a few months into Spring 2023, and the market was in a very good place. With an update to my clients, we quickly pivoted, her daughter happily “staged” and prepped the house, and we hit the market! I also connected the seller with an agent in their dream town in Massachusetts (after quite a few interviews) to find the perfect home to relocate to. This beautifully remodeled and restored home had incredible space –hello 2,700 square feet on the main level AND 2,000+ in the walk-out lower level – a fabulous layout and minimal work needed. We had quite a few potential buyers through (including the original designer’s granddaughter! Architect Victor Civkin designed this home and quite a few others in the Stratfield neighborhood). After a list price ($799,000) and an agreement to reduce if need be within 2 weeks, we reduced to market value ($749,000), activity picked up and we quickly secured an all-cash offer over the asking price with a free rent-back to the seller!

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